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Investment Targets We will make an investment in privately owned early-stage biotechnology company focused on therapeutics programs and platform technologies for drug discovery and development. Program stage should be in preclinical to be considered equity investment.

Areas of Interest Our areas of interest are innovative therapeutic approach which is close to R&D strategy of Astellas Pharma (see: https://www.astellas.com/en/science) and unprecedent treatment but that becomes realized in the near future. We prioritize companies with programs and technologies to fulfill unmet medical needs who have been wanting for.

What AVM Provides The strength of AVM lies in our “Pharma View” based on our long-standing experiences in the pharmaceutical industry. By providing our portfolio companies with invaluable information leveraging pharma expertise, we are able to support their growth. Moreover, we can be liaison between our portfolio companies and Astellas Pharma by helping them to facilitate a dialogue for future collaborations.

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