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Shunichiro Matsumoto, Ph.D., MBA: President

Dr. Matsumoto, President of AVM, is currently serving also as a Vice President of Innovation Management at Astellas Pharma Inc., Tokyo Japan. He has 5 year experience including Investment Director of AVM at San Francisco Bay Area until 2011. He has 14 year experience in R&D specializing in molecular biology field at Astellas Pharma Inc. / Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. He received MBA from McGill University, and has PhD in Medicine from University of Tsukuba and MSc in Agriculture from Kyoto University.


Kazunori Maruyama, Ph.D., Executive Investment Director

Dr. Maruyama joined Astellas Venture Management (AVM) in December 2015. Prior to AVM, he served as Director, Business Development or similar function at Astellas Pharma (Tokyo) since 2008, where he led a number of strategic deals covering research collaboration with acquisition option, co-promotion in Japanese market, IP license and equity investment in the public US biotech company. Dr. Maruyama was one of the founding members of corporate venture fund in Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical (now Astellas Pharma) in 2001 and deeply contributed to expand its investment portfolio since 2003 to 2007 with nine biotech companies in the US and Europe, which ended up with one IPO and three M&A exits as of today. He started his job career as a research scientist at Yamanouchi in 1991 with background on biochemistry and molecular biology. Dr. Maruyama completed his Ph.D. thesis at the University of Tokyo in 1991 (Agricultural Chemistry).


Ryosuke Munakata, Ph.D., Associate Investment Director

Dr. Munakata joined AVM in April 2016. He is a medicinal chemist by training and has more than 10 years of experiences of drug discovery research in the field of pain, CNS, muscle-related disorders, and nephrology at Astellas Pharma Inc. and covers broad stage of drug discovery from pre-hit identification to preclinical development with successful experience, including multiple research collaborations with external partners. His expertise as a scientist includes medicinal chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry, structure-based drug discovery, and cheminformatics. Prior to joining AVM, he served as an Associate Director at Innovation Management, Astellas Pharma Inc., in charge of business transaction for partnering deals as well as alliance management for ongoing collaboration. Since his transfer to investment side, he has led multiple investment opportunities at AVM to successfully close the deals.



Takuya Nojima, Ph.D., Senior Investment Manager

Dr. Nojima Joined AVM in October 2016. Prior to joining AVM, he worked as a member of New Business Incubator team in Corporate Planning and researcher in the field of ophthalmology at Drug Discovery Research Center of Astellas Pharma (2014 – 2016). Prior to joining Astellas Pharma, he worked as an Assistant Professor at Tokyo University of Science (2006 – 2011) and Postdoctoral Associate at Duke University (2011 – 2014) where he worked in the field of Immunology.


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